I try to be a fashion blogger (and fail)

The concept of blogging is well over two decades old, but the explosion of fashion bloggers probably dates back to around 2005. Today, the top fashion bloggers are almost as integral to the fashion industry as the designers. They help to sell clothes and a lifestyle to us all, and they have huge followings. Whether or not that’s a good thing I don’t know, but it’s certainly true!

Now I wouldn’t call myself a #fblogger by any means, but my time with MI.Magazine did involve collaborating with quite a few. From Fashion Pumpkin to Northern Magpie and Arianna’s Daily, every one has been lovely and super cool to work with.

So I know the ropes a little: I’ve shot bloggers, filmed them, interviewed them and profiled them in features. I’ve visited The Apartment at London Fashion Week and trawled through #OOTD posts on Instagram. Soooo I thought I would try out as a fashion blogger myself in a little #streetstyle post featuring my good friend and colleague on many occasions - Chloe Moss of The C Word.

Chloe is straight-up hilarious, absolutely gorgeous and a fashion obsessive. Follow her for confessions in cubicles and satirical style advice. You can view her style post for the outfit above here. And check me out being all #dapper! Yas mama.

Sam Cleal

Images by Sara Baena. Check out her work here and her Instagram here.

And if you can't get enough of me and Chloe together, check out the pair of us dishing about LFW A/W16 below.

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