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The Top Ten Regina Spektor Songs


I’m so excited to be writing a post about my absolute favourite musician Regina Spektor! I read a blog post a few years ago listing the best of her songs so I thought I would do my own Top 10.

I first heard Regina on the soundtrack to ‘The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’. I then bought her album ‘Far’ back in 2009. Since that life-changing purchase I’ve listened to pretty much every song she’s written or performed about a thousand times each.

Regina is a poet unlike many other singers these days. She’s got an absolutely heavenly way with words and sounds that someone like Leonard Cohen has, and there’s definitely a sort of T. S. Eliot vibe to her writing. How can you listen to ‘On The Radio’ or ‘Aching To Pupate’ and not hear the poetry? She’s also a fantastic musician with an insane Nina Simone esq creativity to her piano-playing.

Anyway, enough gushing. In no particular order, here are my ten favourite Regina Spektor songs which was a VERY HARD task to do!


1. I Cut Off My Hair


2. Buildings


3. Dusseldorf


4. Dance Anthem of the 80s


5. Better


6. Braille


7. That Time


8. Mary Ann


9. Bartender


10. Us

N.B. There are no Regina Spektor songs that I don’t like.

Sam Cleal