The Shine (Entry 1)

So this is another little project of mine inspired by the incredible work of Studio Ghibli. I absolutely love the Ghibli films: the music, the stories and especially the artwork - each film is truly staggering.


'The Shine' is a story I literally dreamt up about a year ago that is comparable to, say, 'Princess Mononoke' or 'Spirited Away'. It follows a little girl called Yukari living in the ancient city of Pandora where she is a princess. Her people worship the Sun and are ritually sacrificed to it whenever the king commands. What is considered not only an honour by everyone else, but a passage to the afterlife, is suspicious to Yukari - nefarious even.


Yukari learns the secrets of her city and along the way finds the courage to change the order of things. I'm working on a 75 page hand-drawn storyboard for this project and have written a synopsis for the piece. I will be starting the script very soon and hope to send my idea out! (I've got my eye on Cartoon Saloon, who produced the wonderful 'Song of the Sea' a couple of years ago). Watch this space!

ScriptsSam Cleal