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Join two gay Brits on a super sassy walk through the world of movies with pop stars in!

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Why not join the Pop Star Movie Club?

Joining the podcast-sphere this month are me and my number one partner-in-crime, Mr Samuel Spencer. I’m so excited!! You may remember our work from the award-winning student radio show Divas Not Dubstep. Okay, we didn’t win any awards, but godammit we should have!

Following on from our music-tastic, fun-filled and totally self-indulgent radio show, the latest step in our quest to become the next Chuckle brothers (or nab the Channel 4 GBBO presenter gig) is a soon-to-be-released and incredibly fabulous podcast: the Pop Star Movie Club.

The concept is very simple. Samuel and I take on a film every week that prominently features a pop star or group: think Crossroads, 8 Mile, Glitter, A Hard Day’s Night. We watch the film (so you don’t have to) and then chat about every little thing it made us think and feel.

If you like How Did This Get Made?, Never Mind The Buzzcocks or UHHHHH, we think you’ll love the Pop Star Movie Club. Whilst trying to give you a sense of the film, we hilariously rip apart every plot flaw, ridiculous costume, sex scene and poor performance - from Seth Rogen to Samantha Mumba. At the end of each podcast we ask, should the pop star featured stick to their day job or not? and give the film a star-rating. What more could you ask for? 

The podcast launches next week across various platforms, but to keep up to date with how to listen follow us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram. To reach out to us, tweet using the hashtag #popstarmovieclub, or email us at popstarmovieclub@gmail.com. We hope you’ll enjoy listening as much as we enjoy talking. But for now just remember: The enemy of my enemy is my enemy.

Also available on iTunes.